It's been a while since I've written something personal over here, except 
those selfish facts about moi... 
So, below are my experienced advices which I wish someone 
had given me when I was a little girl. And I really hope this blog diary outlasts
all the things the future may bring so ma boy can read all the "quirky" thoughts 
of his mum one day... :)

1. Blood is thicker than water! AT THE END family is all you have!
2. A lot of people wanna fool you once, don't let them fool you twice!!!
3. Many, read many people gonna be jealous! Give them a reason to be it even more.
4. You failed... so what? Stand up and learn from your failure.
5. Since YOU NEED to go through bad times to appreciate the good ones.
6. You don't need a reason to help other people!
7. Let music in your heart - it's so much easier to deal with #4.
8. Respect is earned, not given. And TO BE HONEST: Don't take it for granted!
9. Be open-minded TO other cultures and other people's view -  
narrowmindedness and egoism are the worst things you can have. 
10. Surround YOURSELF with friends every nationality and let them inspire and 
teach you day by day. You never know what the future holds or where 
your life will take you.

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