These 3 bags are my life saviours for sure! I mean it!
They're maybe 2 years old (?) but I've always have a use for them. These totes are so 
big, I guess, you can put your whole life in it and it would still have space for much more. 
At least its what I'm doing when I'm on a trip.They've accompanied me on my vacations 
as well as to the beach but also functioned as diaper bag when I'm on the go with my child. 

And honestly, I LOVE to throw my whole stuff for shootings in one of them or even maybe 
made them a part of an outfit post. Like you can see me carrying one of them around here.

If you're interested to get your 5PREVIEW tote check out their online shop from time to 
time to discover the new collection called "TABULA RASA" AW 14-15. 

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