THE SANDY HILL BURGER - the delicous "fast food" I've ever had so far!

So this is how my vacation resort looks like. My family and I enjoyed every second of it, since we've stayed just for one week. Nevertheless we saw the sea, enjoyed evening walks at the beach, watching the sun goes down and tasting some really good food at "the best and most socialable centre of Zandvoort".

From all the restaurant pavilions in Zandvoort we felt in love with: SANDY HILL.
 The service overthere is very kind and charming. We loved their affectionataly prepared and served meals, since this insider's tip of mine is very family friendly!

So if you should get at Zandvoort anytime, make sure to visit this"old-fashioned cozy location at the beach".

 You can't miss it - it's on a hill!

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