1. I'm just 5 feet 5 inches tall (1,65 m). 
2. I love listening to the radio while making breakfast or cooking, in general.
3. I don't like to drive a car, cauz it demands a lot of concentration from me.
4. I've had to loose 15 kg after my pregnancy!
5. I was doing Zumba and still do some work out for the belly and legs once a week
6. See No. 5: I LOVE dancing! Love the moves of the blogger Angelica Blick here.
7. My little family and I have our breakfast just on weekends together - so every start of 
the week I always looking forward to the end of the week.
8. So thankful for No.7!
9. Though a long time ago, still love to watch SATC!
10. I have to wear glasses to drive a car, especially when it gets darker and rainy, 
I'm a mouldwarp! ;)
11. At last, but not least: I could drink smoothies the whole day!

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