1. To hurry up with my make up, I like to take time for it.
2. Mornings without milky coffee!
3. To be stuck in a traffic jam or rush hours in generally, such a wasting of time!
4. To stand at a checkout line - I'm an impatient person, you know! ;-)
5. Neon colors! Are they colors at all...?
6. Scruffy hair (but not messy hair!). And even scruffy persons in generally. 
You should have time to take care of yourself!
7. Prejudices! Not cool if you ask me!
8. The mess! Like my things cleaned and tiedied up! Maybe a quirk? Who knows...?!
9. Squares! Enjoy your life, humans!
10. Hospitals! Been once in a lifetime there for giving birth to my son!
11. Dishonesty! OK, white lies are allowed! 

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