I was nominated by the lovely Picky Lachesis for the "Liebster Award"! 
Thank you very much Picky at that point, really appreciate your interst for JOURNAL OF STYLE!

Since it's my second nomination it's a pleasure for me just to answer her questions and sharing more facts about me with you here:

Picky's questions:

1. Why you blogging? 
My blog reflects ME. Though I'm still learning about this whole blogosphere I like the idea of sharing your personal style and inspiration with other people who has the same interest. I guess to own a blog was a quite obvious platform for that. 

2. Twitter or Instagram?
Instagram! ... maybe someday! :)

3. How many follower you have?
I have 12 on Facebook and 1 on bloglovin'. And I'm thankful for each of them! Thank you guys at that point for liking that blog! So if you like what you see please feel free to follow me on the mentioned media!

4. Fake nails or fake hair?
Haha, none of them! But when I have to choose - extensions for a special occasion would be great.

5. Which fashion vip blogger do you prefer?
That's hard to anwer! There are so many great female blogger out there! I really have respect for the work of Angelica Blick. She is running her business so well!

6. Lip stick or smokey eyes?
I have mor eyeshadows then lipsticks. So, I would go for smokey eyes.

7. Who takes your photographs?
My husband is my photographer aka "PAPArazzo". ;-)

8. A perfect fashion blog need...?
Your PERSONAL view on things, either on fashion, books or make up. People want to know what YOU think, not anybody else..., no matter what, it should be YOU.

9. Basic autumn piece?
A coat is a great basic investment for autumn (and winter). If it gets colder wear a jumper underneath or on warmer days just a tee and you're ready to go! That's why I'm so obsessed with them by the way... 

10. At school you dress...?
Simple and pretty casual!

11. Which diet do you prefer?
I love the Italian, Chinese and Spanish food! Soooo yummy!!!

If you have any questions, guys, please feel free to ask! 
See some other facts about me here and here

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