Though I'm living near the city I enjoy shopping via internet a lot!!! Don't get me wrong I love that all known feeling of carring a new beloved piece in a nice bag to its new home. And everybody who works in the fashion industry, would agree with me: it's so hard out there for a manager, for a sale adviser (Hello, Mr. ZARA / "MEN"!) and, yeah, even for a designer. Fashion is a fast business and it'll always be, since we, people, love it! Back to 
the topic: I enjoy online shopping more than visiting the stores. Why?
Since I was a part of this industry I know how it works and I love to escape from all the people in the stores, full changing rooms and checkouts. To avoid of bumping into a sulky sale adviser (Hello again, Mr. ZARA/"Men"!) and getting sad because they don't have it in XS and S (Tell me, WHY?!).
Furthermore just a thought alone of christmas make me shiver! Damn! That's why, I'm gonna buy my presents online. But let me tell you one thing: if I shouldn't get one online I would be the first person standing in the row to buy on the spot because of the feeling that's to blame - called 

Any other experiences? Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! ;)