My love for big bags has begun when I was in high school. 
I've put my whole stuff in it: books, sports gear just everything... you name it! 
This buddy contained my entire life. I was never an admirer of a pochette or a clutch 
either. So when I went for a night out with my friends I left my bags usually at the 
wardrobe of the club and danced the night away, with free hands by the way. 
As I was getting older the need of big totes grew with me, not only because of baby 
stuff but also because of changing life conditions in generally. At a time like this you 
wanna rely on something that lasts like forever and what else can mess up with: work 
out stuff, flat shoes, diapers, snacks and changing clothes than a BIG, read: 
BIG Leather Tote. 
So imagine how overwhelming it was to find this leather beauty over here: 
Hand-made "entirely of no less than 4 mm thick cow-hide" this real Dutch product
comes in timeless colors of Black, Brown, Taupe and Ecru!
It's your choice! Hard decision, I know! :)
Big thanks to DUFFYBAG team for sending me this amazing DUFFYBAG! 
And very special thanks to Iris for the very nice contact! You, guys, make my day!

Can't wait to show a lots of outfits with my new achievement, tomorrow!
Furthermore stay tuned for "Whats's in my DUFFYBAG" I'm gonna post next time!


  1. This is such a gorgeous bag!!! I love the look of it, beautiful, simple yet gorgeous! :)

    Layla xx

  2. Thank you, Layla! Love it too, especially the fact that it is simple, black and BIG! ;-)


  3. Love the bag xx

  4. LOL. Yes, I am exactly the same. I treat my purse like it's a suitcase. Haha.