The second and more personal part of the Q&A post! Hope you like it! ;) 

Is there a chance to see your kid on the blog one day?

Well, maybe one day (from the back)! ;-) I LOVE to see the kids of bloggers online! 
But that's not my thing! The cyber world can be really cruel sometimes you know!

What do you think of posing with your husband on the pics?

Haha! He wouldn't like this idea... Although he is more photogenic than me!! :) 
But I'm already planning a little editorial with my love! Haha! Stay tuned for that! 

How have you met your hubby? For how long are you together?

My little brother introduce us to each other 9 years ago. After 8 moths of dating 
we've moved together! Three years later we've got married and in 2013 our son 
Lavon was born!

How did you came up with your blog name: "JOURNAL OF STYLE"?

At the age of 16 I've bought my first fashion magazine - an old issue of InSTYLE 
from a flea market! From then on I was hooked by the content of this JOURNAL: 
arranged looks, beauty tips, designer campaigns and all the beautiful and inspiring 
people! Out of the wordplay I've established my well known blogger name! ;)

Imagine you're stranded on a desert island, what are the 3 things you've got with you?

Haha!!! I couldn't live without music, my little family and Carmex!

How many hours do you spend on working on your blog?

Oh my, too many! Haha! I'm moderating the pending comments on DISQUS on 
a regular basis trying to answer to all of your wonderful comments! 
(Thanks guys btw! You're THE BEST!) 
Furthermore I leave comments on other blogs to keep with them in touch! ;)
On weekends my hubby takes the photos of my #ootd's! So I can edit them on 
Sunday or during the week while other posts are live! You see, it takes a looot of time 
to run a blog! 

Dear readers
thank you so much for your fun, kind and unique questions! 
It was a pleasure to answer them! Unfortunately I can't answer to all of them here! 
Insead of that I'm working on a special way to have them all on the blog! 
Stay tuned for more, peeps! ;)

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  1. Nastya Deutsch4/18/2015 9:06 AM

    It was interesting to read your answers to the questions!

    With love, Nastya Deutsch ♡


  2. O, I understand you with the idea about children in blogs! I also sometimes want to show my daughter's photos and don't do this. I think she is so small. And when she become older she'll make her blogs and will post her looks there. But I love to buy stylish clothes for her :)

    It was so interesting to know more about your life!

  3. clara mcmillan4/19/2015 2:59 AM

    Love learning more about you!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  4. I really look forward to your article together with your husband! It's wonderful to hear that you've been together for such a loooong time. Hope that Óskar and I manage to do that as well. :)

    Katarina x

    PS: Lavon is a really special and beautiful name.

  5. I enjoyed reading your answers. Great post! http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

  6. Thanks a lot, Nastya! So nice of you, dear!!


  7. Oh, Anna! You're too kind! I'm so in love with our little one and want to scream out how happy I am about having him in my life! I also think it's too early, so I'm gonna wait till he can make his own decisions either he wants to put his pics on the internet or not! Love kids clothes too, they're so cute!!! ;-DD

    Thank you so much for reading and your wonderful words! You're the best!! <3


  8. Many thanks to Óskar and you, dear! You guys inspired to do this! Indeed, it 's such a looong time! Can't believe that sometimes! Time flies you know! ;-) You're such a wonderful couple and as far as I can see you share the same interest! That' WONDERFUL, too!! I'm sure you'll make it!!! Thank you for you kind words, my dear!!


    PS: It's a mix of scandi and french! <3

  9. I just stumbled across your blog... cool post to read to get to know more about you!

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